Jul 2 16 3:51 PM

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The Greatest move of God in the history of the world is almost here!

The Father has been announcing the time of His promised Great outpouring of His Spirit through so-called number coincidences.

The meaning of the numbers 444

Have you been seeing the numbers 444? If so, you are not alone.  There are perhaps millions of us from right around the world who are being hit by the Spirit of God when they see these numbers. Not to worry if you have not been seeing the numbers 444 like the rest of us, for you too will learn what God is announcing through these numbers. I only ask that you consider that what I am about to tell you might be the truth.

The meaning of the numbers 444 

One day a friend came to me and told me that Holy Spirit keeps bringing the numbers 444 to her. She asked me what they could mean. A week later, another friend came to me and asked the very same question. I knew that Holy Spirit was trying to tell us something very important and that we should go to prayer.

The next day I simply asked Holy Spirit what the numbers 444 mean.
This is what He told me;

"The numbers 444 represent Ezekiel 44:4."

This is what it says; 
Ezekiel 44:4
V:4 "Then the man brought me through the north gateway to the front of the Temple; I looked and saw that the glory of the Lord filled the Temple of the LORD and I fell to the ground with my face in the dust.” (New Living Translation)

Very soon now, the Father will fill the Bride of Christ with His Glory. The Father is about to reveal His son's and daughters. Romans 8:18-19

Malachi 3:2-3
V: 2 "But for you who obey me, my saving power will rise on you like the sun and bring healing like the sun's rays. You will be as free and happy as calves let out of a stall. 
V: 3 "On the day when I act, you will overcome the wicked, and they will be like dust under your feet." 
Everyone will see the Coming of the Glory of the LORD because His is about to fill your temple with Himself.

When people meet you, they will say;
"Man! I see Jesus in you."
Its Harvest time and God will now bring in the Harvest through you. Great darkness will now envelope the world.

The earth is travailing for the manifestation of the son's and daughters of God. We are in the final minuets of pregnancy and we are about to give birth to the supernatural.

  The Lord gave me vision for my ears concerning this great end time move. I heard the sound of bells ringing; it was like a descending note. I asked the Lord what is this ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding that I am hearing. Then a vision opened up right in front of me of a wedding just ending and I saw a Bride and Groom heading out the front door of the church. The church bells would ring like an announcement that the wedding was complete. Hallelujah!

Our Father says it is a done deal!
God has spoken and the time when all these things will take place is NOW! NOW! NOW! Tell everyone to prepare for the next Great end time move of God.

Lonely Ranger out!
Let's get radical one last time!