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The Lord spoke to me;

The Lord speaking: “I am sending you a message, it’s the big one. Watch for it to arrive. When My message comes it will seem like a coincidence and you will miss it if you’re not watching.”
 I was on my way to clean windows for a customer with a new friend. I was witnessing to him about the Second Coming of Yeshua. I told him that our Father is right now announcing the Second Coming of Yeshua and yet few understand and believe.

 To be continued...

All over the world, in every nation people are experiencing a supernatural experience that has come to be known as the 11:11 Phenomenon. Some Christians may be tempted to believe this message is New Age simply because New Age groups are also looking for the meaning of 11:11, but so are multitudes of other groups from every nation on earth including millions of Christians. Our Father is right now speaking to all flesh but who has eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. It is not the numbers 11:11 that has awoken many of you to the fact that something big is going on. It is the feeling that comes over you; this feeling hits many of you every time you see these numbers. Do you know that we can feel Gods presence? It is God’s presence that people are feeling when they stumble upon the numbers 11:11.Yet most don’t recognize the presence of God. Most tell me that it is a strange but wonderful feeling that they feel when they see these numbers. Do you feel the presence of God when you are in church worshiping?

One day our Father told me what His 11:11 message means. I was sitting at my computer typing what our Father told me about His Sons Second Coming at the Rapture when a friend asked me to help him with some calculations on his calculator. After I had finished helping my friend I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and hurried back to my computer. On my way to my office I passed the calculator and I noticed that it was open with some strange numbers on it. I got so hit by God’s Spirit I knew right then that a message was coming. I asked my friend if he was back on the calculator. He assured me that he hadn't touched the calculator. You guessed it the numbers were 1111. When I arrived back at my computer there were more strange numbers in my writing. The new numbers appeared at the very place where I talk about the Second Coming of Yeshua in the future. The word future was divided in half with the numbers 1112 typed in the middle. It looked like this fut1112ure. 

What does 11:11 mean? I thought you would never ask. The Father is announcing the Second Coming of His Son Jesus throughout the whole earth through the numbers 11:11. If this is true wouldn’t you agree that this is the big one?


The numbers 11:11 are about Revelation 11:11. This is the precise time when the Two Witnesses will stand to their feet after being dead for 3&1/2 days. Revelation 11:12 is the exact time when the Two Witnesses are taken up to heaven. This is the First Resurrection taking place when all who have died in Christ will rise from their graves and then we who are alive will be caught up together with them. So shall we ever be with the Lord. Hallelujah! Rev 20:4.

The good news the Father is announcing is this, when the angel in Revelation chapter 11 is about to blow the seventh trumpet many of you will already be in heaven. (Reference Rev 10:7). Let us examine the scriptures to see if this is true. Let us read what takes place just before the seventh trumpet is blown, which is Just before the Rapture takes place in Revelation 11:11.

V: 11 “But after three and a half days the spirit of life from God will enter them (The two witnesses) and they will stand up! And great fear will fall on everyone. Now let us read what happens in Revelation 11:12.
V: 12 “Then a loud voice will shout from heaven, “Come up!” And they raised to heaven as their enemies watched” Revelation 11:11 is the dead in Christ being resurrected and Revelation 11:12 is the dead in Christ being brought up to meet Jesus in the air.

The Resurrection which is taking place in Revelation 11:11 is the First Resurrection which is also mentioned in Revelation 20:4-6. Therefore we must conclude that the First Resurrection and the Rapture must take place during the great tribulation hour. Many at this point will say that it’s not possible because God has not destined us to wrath. This is true but the wrath of God does not begin until after half way into the Tribulation hour. Just read what takes place right after the Two Witnesses are taken up in Revelation 11:14. V:14 “The nations were angry with you and now it is your time to be angry with them.”
Revelation 20:4-5 says V: 4 “Then I saw thrones, and the people sitting on them had been given the authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who have been beheaded for their testimony about Jesus, for proclaiming the word of God. And I saw the souls of those who have not worshiped the beast or his statue, nor accepted his mark on their forehead or their hands. They came to life again, and they reigned with Christ for a thousand years. V: 5 “This is the First Resurrection.” If the First Resurrection and the Rapture takes place before the Tribulation Hour begins as most of us have been taught, then tell me, who are these martyrs that were beheaded for not worshiping the creature or his statue and are a part of the First Resurrection? Maybe they are the Tribulation saints that come to Christ after the rapture. I do not think so because it clearly states that they are a part of the First Resurrection which of course takes place seconds before the Rapture, right! Therefore, we conclude beyond any reasonable doubt that the Rapture takes place somewhere during the tribulation hour. 

Now back to the message

I was on my way to clean windows for a customer with a new friend. I was witnessing to him about the Second Coming of Yeshua. I told him that our Father is right now announcing the Second Coming Jesus through the numbers 11:11 but few understand or believe. As I was telling him this the Spirit of the Lord turned my head down to look at the next address that we would be going to. The street address was 1111 lands end. When I saw this I got hit with the presence of God’s Spirit. My new friend said; “Hey this is weird what does it mean? Glad you asked.

When will the Two Witnesses rise back to life? When is the First Resurrection of the dead going to take place? The answer to both of these questions are found in Revelation 11:11 or the revelation of when the First Resurrection will take place can be found at 1111 lands end or the end of the road. It will be the end of the road at 11:11 for everyone whose names are written in the Lambs book of life and are a part of the First Resurrection of the dead in Christ.

The Father is announcing the Second Coming of His Son Jesus at the Rapture through the numbers 11:11.

Wow! It doesn't get any bigger than this.
Lonely Ranger out!
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Jan 6 17 7:16 AM

Are the numbers proof

Does it mean that those who see the numbers are saved? If not then why are 
they being seen? I know it's a sign but why are so many seeing them and so many not and what does it mean that there are so many that are not seeing them? Thank you for answering.

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Feb 27 17 11:19 AM

It is written that many are called but few are chosen.
Most who see 11:11 tell their friends and family's; meaning the Father's announcement is going world-wide.

Great question: Why isn't everyone seeing 11:11? Don't know why.

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Mar 29 17 8:29 AM

Yes Indeed!

I started seeing 1111 in 2011 and it drove me crazy! I thought I was a Christian at the time but I was 50% world 50% Kingdom. Like many of todays Christians, I was comfortable in my sin and I wouldn't read the Bible because I knew deep down that it would convict me. After getting lost in the New Age temporarily,( the ememy has a counterfeit EVERYTHING!) I tried the find the answer in the Bible, boy did I! I searched every possible combination of 11's in there and before you know it I was reading the Bible regularely. Since then, I have had many what I call mini-miracles, dreams and visions to make up quite a testimony and he uses me and them whenever he see's fit. I believe I am ready for whatever the Lord has planned for me (physicaly as well as spiritualy) as I allowed him to make the necessary changes in me and in my life because I payed attention to the CALL of the 11's for that is MERCY!
I asked the Lord a few weeks ago why the confusion regarding Pre-trib, Mid-trb, Post-trib etc. Everyone claims to be hearing a "word" from the Lord. Some speak of Judgement, some butterfies and roses, some claiming that God is using Trump to make America great again. I have been given a good measure of discernment and I can narrow down the fakes but when I can clearly identify that certain individuals love the Lord with all their heart, why the conflicting messages? Does the desires of our hearts deceive us or is it the enemy? When I pray about this, I dream of earthquakes, tornado's and tsunami's. I don't want this to be our future but then again I want "to get on with it" and go home even if that means hard times and death. So be it! I had to stop asking about this as the last time a did a few weeks ago the Lord granted me a short vision in black and white. I was on a narrow path in a very dense forest and he was walking right infront of me. He told me to reach out and touch his robe but it was just out of reach. He said to focus on him so that everything going on around me fades into the background and all I see is HIM. That just about says it All! I love him with all my heart and I just hope and pray that I will stay focused and unmoveable in these last days.

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Mar 29 17 9:15 AM

The Ultimate Conflict

This is exactly what I am talking about! This article talks about how God told him that we have 5 more years of Grace. How could that be if our nation is still killing babies and wallowing in imorality and filth! I don't understand why the Body of Christ is divided in this way. Grace and prosperity is coming! No, wait a minute, chaos and judgement! Wishful thinking? I don't understand it, and it toubles me.
I couldn't figure out how to paste a link but the article is in Charisma magazine and the title is 5 years of Grace:A prophetic word about fast approaching world harvest and revival. (just one example, but many have had "prophecy" exactly like this) Your thoughts please! The Lord shows me a different picture, why?

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Apr 9 17 1:50 PM


Hey it’s Cathy G,Welcome to the forum.

 We are a divided church. Why don’t Baptist go to the Catholic church? The answer is simple the Baptist believe they are closer to the truth and in the same way we all line up behind the denomination that we think is closest to what we believe is true. The Lord told me it’s like joining a union. In the end we all find out that it’s not about selecting the one true denomination but rather do we know the Lord. The true gospel is about relation ship with the Master. Most have traded in knowing Jesus for knowing about Him. God says the most important thing in the whole world is that we should know Him. So the big question is why oh why are our churches not focusing on what is most important to God?

 As for a last great move of God you know where I stand. I believe this last move will coincide with the darkest days in the history of the world. Many will be put through the fire and be refined as gold is refined. Great persecution of the church is also coming but not today's church. Today’s church in the West have nothing to be persecuted for. They stay in their churches and listen to endless preaching. They attend programs, meetings, listen to the latest teaching CD’S. They are kept very busy forever gaining knowledge but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

 The church that will be persecuted will be all those who will be filled to the brim with Jesus in this last great move of God.

 The Lord once told me that Jubilee can’t wait to meet me. We have entered into the last 50 year Grand Jubilee and soon the Bride of Christ will become the Wife of Christ. This event has to take place in 2017 because the next Jubilee will not take place until 2067 and there are just too many signs that this is it.

 I think what’s most important is that we stay as close to Jesus as we can and follow only Him.Ranger 

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